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23 August 2017 | Uncategorized

Preventing Credit Card Fraud

Guard your business from credit card fraud

There are a few things to look out for to protect your business and minimise the risk of customer disputes and chargebacks.

  • Is the customer placing an unusually large order, or large quantities of orders in a short period of time?
    Is the order being paid for using multiple cards? This could suggest the buyer is trying to avoid card limits.
    Do you have an order where the shipping address is different to the billing address?
    Are you receiving multiple orders to different customers at the same address, or is the address from an unusual location?
    Is it a large order or expensive goods where the customer requests next-day or expedited shipping?
    Can’t contact the customer via phone or email?
    Has the customer asked you to pay for freight which they’ll reimburse later?

While these activities won’t always be fraudulent, if it seems suspicious it’s worth taking the time to check.