At Stellar Accounts, we understand how busy life can be and that it can be hard to find the time to make appointments and travel to meet your accountant or bookkeeper.

Our professional services and packages have been 100% online since July 2018.

Providing virtual bookkeeping and accounting services is not new to our experienced team. This means we have the systems and procedures in place to keep your financial paperwork in order giving you peace of mind.

But what does it mean for you?

Our Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) and registered tax agent, Debbie Hoffman, provide services solely online for your convenience.

All communication with our professional, friendly team is conducted via phone, email or Skype (video calls).

That also means, it doesn’t matter where you are in the country, Debbie can help. And because we don’t have big overheads, we can keep our pricing very affordable.

Online bookkeeping & Accounting
We understand that when it comes to running a small business there’s plenty to think about, and numbers aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.
So, if you’ve got paper cluttering your space, you’re feeling overwhelmed getting your books in order, or you’re struggling to find time to travel to an appointment with your accountant or bookkeeper, it’s probably time to switch to an online provider.

Who we can help with online bookkeeping and accounting services:


We have worked with a range of industries and specialise in eCommerce, travel and trades. We also have expertise in short-term rental accommodation and accounting needs for Airbnb owners.

Stellar Accounts takes scheduled appointments seriously and is available to communicate via:


Why Choose an Online Accountant or Bookkeeper

Making the move to an online professional will, in the long run, reduce stress and free up yor time to spend on more important areas of your business or personal life.

Here’s just some of the benefits the ATO spruik. Using digital record keeping will help you to:

  • Save you time by streamlining your accounting practises
  • Track income, sales and expenditure for your business
  • Calculate depreciation of assets
  • Create backups of your information to keep it safe
  • Decrease the amount of physical space needed to store records
  • Automatically tally amounts, such as wages, super and tax
  • Meet your tax obligations

Online bookkeeping and BAS services provided by Stellar Accounts

Our CPA and registered tax agent has over 20-years-experience in both the private and public sectors in audit, bookkeeping, financial accounting and taxation.

Stellar Accounts is qualified to perform bookkeeping, BAS and Tax return services, which will keep costs down for you as all the work as carried out by the same person.

  • Technology: XERO partner, MYOB and QBO proficient
  • Business services: Our bookkeeping services are tailormade for your business
  • Taxation services: We take the time to ensure we can get the highest refund possible for our clients
  • Business advice: Stellar accounts can offer advice on how to structure your business and offer assistance to ensure your business is make decisions based on current information
  • Ongoing Support: We can offer ongoing service and support for your business to manage tax, GST and super

Get started with Stellar Accounts now!

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