Are you and your business struggling under the weight of financial pressure? Stellar Accounts can help!

8 November 2017 | Business Tips, Taxation

Are you in Debt? Or heading into Financial Difficulty?

Warning signs to watch out for:

Issues with money coming in:

  • You don’t know what the total debts outstanding to your business are.
  • People aren’t paying you on time.

Issues with money going out:

  • Cash flow is tight so paying bills is difficult.
  • You’re using personal finances or cash reserves set aside for tax, super or workers’ compensation to cover temporary cash shortages.
  • You’re regularly unable to meet the payment terms of your suppliers.
  • You’re having problems with suppliers (for example supplies have stopped because you haven’t been paying on time or suppliers are being stricter with their terms).
  • You’re regularly fielding calls from creditors, getting legal/letters of demand or being taken to court.
  • You can’t get new credit or have issues with your bank.

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