Does GST Apply On Investment Property Rent?

10 May 2018 | GST, Investment Property, Tax

A common question we field from clients with a property portfolio is: Does GST apply on investment property rent?

The short answer is no, but there are some tax deductions you should be claiming (see below) so it’s worth speaking to an Accountant.

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GST on Residential Rent

Income from renting out part of a residential property is typically considered “input-taxed”. This means that hosts (the property owner/or owners) should not charge GST on the rent that they earn from guests.

Conversely, hosts cannot claim input tax credits for any rental expenses that they incur, but you are entitled to claim the GST inclusive amount of any rental expenses as a tax deduction.

However, be aware that GST may apply if host is taken to provide “commercial residential premises” – which includes, among other things, accommodation that is a hotel, motel, inn, hostel or boarding house. Remember also that being registered for GST is subject to the host exceeding the $75,000 turnover threshold.

Investment Property Tax Advice

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