Investment Property Tax Accountants

Looking to buy another property or need some advice on using your property as a holiday home, Stellar Accounts are here to help as your investment property tax accountants – no matter where you live in Australia.

If the idea of capital gains tax is making your head spin, Stellar Accounts will take the worry and stress out of your accounting, tax and bookkeeping needs.

We help investors, as well as individuals and small to medium businesses, to understand their tax obligations and we work with our clients to achieve the best possible results.

Do you have a question? Stellar Accounts can provide the expert advice and assistance you need, call us today on 0428 887 104.

Why Choose Stellar Accounts?

We’re here to help you make navigate the world of investment property and all things tax related.

  • Stellar Accounts is owned by a CPA (Certified Practising Accountant) with over 20 years of experience in audit, financial accounting, taxation and bookkeeping, in both the private and public sectors.
  • With experience in many different industries, it ensures our clients are provided with up to date information.
  • As a registered tax agent, Stellar Accounts works hard to ensure you get the maximum refund possible.
  • We like to have a look at your overall situation and advise on simple tax planning strategies to help you plan your future.
  • We’re happy to answer any questions you have!
  • You can also lodge your investment tax return online with us. Submit all the necessary documents through our secure online portal

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You’ll find helpful tips and hints as well as advice and the chance to ask questions on investing in property.

Investment Property Tax Accountants

Stellar Accounts are your go-to accountant for all your Airbnb and investment property tax needs.

We offer a friendly, approachable attitude and provide support to ensure you receive the best possible experience and return.

Submit an online enquiry here or give us a call on 0428 887 104.

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Stellar Accounts is Brisbane’s leading small and new business accounting firm. We have a reputation for simplifying your accounting, tax and bookkeeping needs so you don’t need to stress or worry.

With more than 20 years’ experience across a wide array of industries – our clients (typically small and medium sized businesses) – gain a distinct advantage over their competitors because we keep them in the loop of the latest information and regulatory requirements. Call us on  0428 887 104.

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