Missed the 31 Oct Tax Return Deadline?

8 November 2017 | Taxation

What to do if you didn’t lodge your tax return prior to 31 October?

If you use a tax agent (like Stellar Accounts) to prepare and lodge your tax return, the chances are you simply don’t need to worry about the 31 October deadline because it probably doesn’t apply to you.

Provided all your prior year tax returns are up to date, you’re probably included in special arrangements that tax agents, like Stellar Accounts, have with the ATO. This allows tax agents to lodge tax returns well after the 31 October deadline. In fact, if you use a tax agent, you may have up until 15 May next year to lodge your return (there are different dates for different clients so it pays to check with your tax agent when your particular deadline falls due).

If you didn’t register with a tax agent before 31 October, you may have to pay a late lodgement penalty, but that usually only applies to tax payers who owe the ATO money (ie soletraders, small business owners etc). If you are a salary and wages earner with a simple tax return, you are likely to have nothing to fear by lodging late with the ATO.

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