Thinking about starting a business – speak to your Accountant first!

21 November 2017 | Business Structure, Business Tips

What should I do when starting a new business or thinking about changing my current business structure?

If there is one tip I can give to those thinking about starting a business or those you are already in business and are thinking about changing their structure – talk to a professional first!

Find out exactly what needs to be done (you can still do it all yourself) but please speak to someone first to make sure you are on track.

I have seen some clients recently where their business set-ups or moves to different business structures haven’t been well managed, with the actions taken resulting in unexpected and unwanted tax consequences.

So, please, speak to a tax accountant before you take that first step – better to spend that couple of hundred $s to get on the right track first up as it can be an expensive process to get back on it.

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