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Specialising in TRADIES

Every client has unique needs, and at Stellar Accounts, we understand that.

At Stellar Accounts, we understand that tradies like builders, plumbers, and electricians have unique business requirements. That’s why we offer tailored solutions to save you time and money.

  • Receive expert advice from Deb, who personally completes your tax return.
  • Experience the convenience of 100% virtual services, accessible from anywhere in Australia, eliminating the need for face-to-face meetings with an accountant.
  • Get your tax returns completed within a quick 4-5 day turnaround time.
  • Help you understand how much tax and GST you need to set aside to meet your tax obligations.
  • Our comprehensive checklist ensures you claim all the deductions you are entitled to, maximising your tax benefits.
  • Stellar Accounts can help you get up to date with all bookkeeping, BAS and tax returns and keep you up to date
  • Negotiate with the ATO on your behalf in relation to payment of debt, remittance of fines and penalties etc
  • Can provide you with business structure advice and assistance so you can understand what a change in structure means for your business and family
  • Provide advice and assistance on payroll, superannuation and Single Touch Payroll
  • Set up XERO accounting software to assist in managing your bookkeeping needs – we also offer bookkeeping and BAS packages from $355/mth (include link to the bookkeeping page).
  • Help you structure your finances to ensure you have the funds to meet all of your tax and superannuation obligations when they are due.  Deb also provides reminders on when tax and superannuation obligations are due for payment – never get behind again
  • Provide advice on what is claimable and what supporting documents you need to have to get the best deductions possible

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No matter where you live in Australia, you can now either lodge your tax information via our secure online tax return portal here on our website, or email your tax documents directly to Debbie.


What to expect

At Stellar Accounts, we offer comprehensive assistance to Tradies, helping them navigate their tax requirements, deductions, and understand claimable equipment and travel expenses.

  • With our streamlined process, you can conveniently submit your documentation online or via email.
  • We will review your paperwork, address queries, and identify additional deductions.
  • Once your tax return is finalised, you’ll be asked to review and sign it. If desired, we can arrange a phone or Zoom discussion before signing to ensure your complete satisfaction.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my tax return cost?

I will provide a quote based specifically on the work involved to prepare your tax return – non-GST tax returns commence from $325; GST registered tax returns commence from $425.

At Stellar Accounts, we understand that tradies like builders, plumbers, and electricians have unique business requirements. That’s why we offer tailored solutions to save you time and money.


How quickly will my Tax Return be completed?

Turnaround is 4 – 5 days from payment of my invoice – and I email my invoice for payment once I have received all your documents

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Why Choose Stellar Accounts


Convenient + Cost Effective

We ensure convenient and cost-effective services for tradies like builders, plumbers, and electricians. Rest assured, if a discussion is necessary, we’ll reach out to you through phone calls or organise a convenient Zoom meeting. Experience the seamless collaboration and hassle-free process of accessing our expert advice and cost-effective tax solutions for tradies.

Maximise Your Deductions

We’ll go over your business paperwork with a fine-tooth comb to ensure that you claim every possible deduction you’re entitled to. As a Registered Tax Agent, our knowledge on tax returns for trades is second to none.

Expert Advice from a Registered Tax Agent

You’ll receive expert advice tailored to your personal circumstances from Debbie Hoffman at Stellar Accounts.

Fixed Fee Upfront Quote

We charge a fixed free upfront for your Tax Returns so there’s no hidden surprises when it comes to how much it will cost.