Work at Home Mums – Tips for running your business

8 November 2017 | Business Tips

Are you a work from home mum?

Stellar Accounts have put together some tips to help you run family, house and business while reducing the associated stress:

Planning – Forward planning is your friend. If you only have time for one thing, make planning a priority. Try to pre-organise things like meals, uniforms, school and kindy runs, play dates and after school activities – and don’t forget to factor quality family time into the mix.

Work Scheduling – Consider using one of the many project management aides available to schedule and track your daily, weekly and monthly tasks and projects. These can also be used in conjunction with other members of a team or clients, depending on your circumstances and which one you choose.

Record-keeping – Remember to include record keeping in your scheduling so you keep up to date with your financial obligations. Our biggest tip regarding your finances is to invest in accounting software to take the hard work out of keeping track, paying bills and receiving payments. Plus accounting software makes it far easier to provide records to your tax agent at tax time.

Routine – Routine is something all children can relate to. They know what to expect and they know the boundaries. One work at home mum we spoke to said: “I do the same things in the same order any day I am at home. The kids get to know the routine and are happy to work within it.” She added “The routine includes breaks for a play outside for the younger kids who need more of my attention.”

Outsourcing – These days there are plenty of affordable outsourcing websites for all types of businesses, with everything from housework to data entry. You can also source help through community social pages. So, why not free up some extra time for high value tasks. Tasks like – walking the dog, social media, housework, admin work etc

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