Five Tax Deductions Airbnb Property Owners can claim

In this blog, Stellar Accounts CPA Debbie Hoffman shares the five types of tax deductions Airbnb property owners can claim.

Our investment property and Airbnb tax return services are second to none.

Offering an affordable, 100% online accounting service Australia wide we have developed a comprehensive checklist that helps Airbnb owners maximise their tax return.

Plus, we love helping Airbnb hosts via our free Facebook group updated with practical tips and advice to help you navigate the financial requirements associated with short term rental properties.

First and foremost, if you don’t rent the whole property you must apportion any expenses incurred!

To make this easier we strongly encourage our clients keep accurate records throughout the year relating to:

  • Details/dates the house or room were available for rent, along with
  • Details/dates the house or room were rented
  • Rental income earned
  • Other rental associated income

Airbnb Tax Deductions

So, what deductions can Airbnb property owners claim in Australia?

We’ve grouped common expenses associated with running an Airbnb, or a short-term rental, into five categories.

But don’t fret if you still feel overwhelmed or confused. Our job here at Stellar Accounts is to help you identify what deductions you might be eligible for – and how much you can claim.

  1. Maintenance

    1. Cleaning
    2. Repairs and Maintenance
    3. Gardening and lawn mowing
    4. Pest control
    5. Linen costs
  2. Utilities, fees and insurances

    1. Body corporate fees
    2. Insurance
    3. Council rates
    4. Legal fees
    5. Water charges
    6. Electricity/gas
    7. Netflix, internet and phone to the property itself
  3. Marketing and Promotion

    1. Advertising
    2. Professional Photography
    3. Airbnb/holiday management fees
    4. Property Management fees
  4. Financial and asset related

    1. Borrowing expenses
    2. Interest on loan
    3. Depreciation
    4. Capital Works

EXPERT TIP: Obtain a depreciation schedule for property to receive capital works and allowance deductions. I see a lot of people overlook this one, yet it could save them thousands of dollars!

  1. Personal costs of managing the property

    1. Phone
    2. Internet
    3. Home office expenses

Tax Deductions for Airbnb Property Owners

To work exactly what and how much you can claim as deductions for your Airbnb property, we strongly encourage you to get in touch with Debbie at Stellar Accounts.

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Airbnb hosts can also lodge your income tax return paperwork through our secure online portal here .


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