Investment Properties and Capital Gains Tax

It’s time to talk about a topic that can confuse people – investment properties and capital gains tax. But don’t worry, Stellar Accounts are here to help as your investment property and capital gains tax accountants.

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What is Capital Gains Tax?

Capital Gains Tax is tax on any profit you receive from the sale of a property that you use to generate income from. Generally, this is a property you have received rental income from or used as place of business.

Calculating Capital Gains Tax

If you own a property, that has been rented on a long or short-term basis and you sell it, how is Capital Gains Tax calculated? In short, the purchase price and any associated purchase costs (solicitor fees, stamp duty etc) is taken away from the sales price plus any costs associated with sale (real estate fees, solicitor fees) as well as any capital works you may have completed on the property during the time you owned it. This gives a profit or loss figure.


Purchase Price of Property – $300,000
Solicitor fees and other associated costs of purchase – $5,000
Total Purchase Price – $305,000

Sales price – $350,000
Capital Works – $10,000 and Other Associated costs – $20,000 (added on to purchase)
Total Sales Price – $330,000 ( the associated costs are taken away from the sales price as they are expenses)
Therefore the profit is $25,000.

This profit is then added to other income earnt during the year and you are then taxed at ordinary income tax rates.

There is no special tax rate for capital gains, it gets added to other income earnt and taxed accordingly.

So for example, if you earn $50,000 from your job and you add the $25,000 capital gains from the sale of property, you are then taxed on $75,000 for the year. However,  if you make a loss on the sale, that becomes known as a capital loss. It cannot be applied to assessable income and will then sit there until you have any future gains on capital.

Capital Gains Tax and Renting Part of your House

Capital Gains Tax is exactly the same in this situation, but now it is calculated on that percentage of the house that you earn income from.

If you rent the room out or a granny flat and it’s assessed that it is 25% of total property, when selling that house, 25% of the gain will then be added to any other income for the year and you are taxed on that.

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Investment Properties and Capital Gains Tax

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