What is Online Bookkeeping?

Are you a small business owner who’s struggling to find the time to meet with your bookkeeper or accountant? Then you may be wondering, what is online bookkeeping, and will it work for you.  

There are plenty of benefits of enlisting an online professional to take charge of your books and other accounting needs.  

It gives you flexibility and means you don’t need to make time in your busy schedule to meet with a person face to face or drop off records.  

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Services an Online Bookkeeper Provides 

An online bookkeeper offers the same services as one who would come to your office, including: 

  • Reconciliation of accounts 
  • Payroll 
  • Accounts receivable and payable functions 
  • Preparation of BAS (if they have the qualifications to do so) 
  • Other compliance requirements 

If you are registered for GST, a standard bookkeeper won’t be qualified to carry out the work required, so you will need a BAS or Tax Agent to manage your bookkeeping, BAS and tax requirements.  

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Virtual Bookkeeping Process 

The process depends on the client’s needs, but if using accounting software, it would normally entail: 

  • Client providing access to the software 
  • Client providing soft copies of invoices for reconciliation purposes 
  • Keeping in email or phone contact to discuss queries  

There is no real difference to an in-office bookkeeper, except that the client doesn’t need to find a desk for them, and they can answer queries when they have time via email or on the phone.  

Professional and Reliable Online Bookkeepers 

At Stellar Accounts we understand that it can be hard to get a reading on someone if you’ve never met them in person.  

We would recommend sighting their qualifications and client referrals and having a phone or video conference meeting to ensure you’re comfortable with them. 

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How Can Online Accountants Add Value to Their Clients? 

  • Giving back time to focus on business and/or family 
  • Providing accurate and complete accounts 
  • Provide advice as required 
  • Ensuring their BAS and tax returns are lodged correctly and on time 
  • Flexibility of being able to email or phone without having to make a structured appointment and arrange time away from their business to meet with bookkeeper/accountant 

What is Online Bookkeeping? 

For a qualified and professional online bookkeeper or accountant, why not consider Stellar Accounts? 

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